Saturday, July 31, 2010

Palletteers Paint at Butler Bay

Painting at Butler Bay among the ruins and the ancient baobabs is always a wonderful experience for me! The site, rich with the remains of St. Croix history, is like being in the middle of a movie set, only this one is for real! Located across the road from the Caribbean, the property is the recipient of constant sea breezes and no matter how hot a day, it's always cool to paint there! As is the case of many of our historical sites, deciding what to paint from the myriad choices offered is always a problem for me. Yesterday the mighty baobab standing guard next to the factory ruins became my subject choice while Jan painted the other old baobab near the caretaker's cottage. Leslie, Elwin, Carolyn, and Pat captured the tiny stone caretaker's cottage with their watercolors. The blossoming flamboyant enamored Brenda, Kerri and Carolyn, while Emy and Roz focused on designs they saw in the factory's ruins. Show and Tell was followed by lunch, again for only 4 of us, at Turtles.

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