Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Palletteers at Reminisce Restaurant

Thunderstorms were predicted for Friday and we'd had periodic heavy rains all week, so we were thrilled that the weather was clear with a gentle breeze on Friday morning. Reminisce is a new restaurant conveniently located in Queen's Quarter, amidst the Queen's Quarter Villas. Pre-Hugo, this site had been a popular place to meet for lunch, dinner, and meetings, so many of us "old timers" were thrilled to hear that it was a restaurant once again! We weren't disappointed in its restoration! The grounds are gorgeous and and it took some time to decide what to paint; we scattered all about to do our morning's plein airs. The restaurant staff had our lunches ready for us before noon so we had to postpone our Show and Tell until afterwards. Since some of our group couldn't stay, we're missing photos of their efforts.

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