Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sprat Hall Plantation

Sprat Hall Great House retains its regal demeanor and commands instant awe and respect when viewed. Horses and chickens and peahens and peacocks and guinea hens abound!

While I was setting up my 'stuff' I realized that I had company! One of the horses that runs loose was suddenly right beside me, checking our my paints.

..until he finally lost interest and scooted away.Later on, Judi told me that this particular horse usually got fed, right where I'd set up. So I guess he was checking out my paints thinking "today's lunch sure is different!" Eventually, our assorted feathered friends went elsewhere to find their tidbits, and it got a bit quieter.Until... one of the roosters scared Leslie and me half to death when she noticed it was just lying flat out on the ground! Did another rooster attack it? Was it suffering from the heat? I hesitantly approached it.. I don't know what I thought I could do.. but it suddenly alerted, stood up, squawked at me, and pranced about!There were gorgeous peacocks on the property but, although I pursued them, camera ready, none of them would pose in the sunlight so I could get some good photos of their brilliance. I apologize for these show and tell photos. We set up in the shade of one of the estate's giant trees but couldn't avoid the speckled sunlight peeking through the leaves.
We adjourned across the road to Bernies Beachside Cafe where we enjoyed a slow but delicious lunch and admired the murals that Carolyn and Elizabeth are in the process of painting. On my drive home, I spotted an egret hitching a ride on the back of an SUV and couldn't resist putting the photo here on the blog!
See ya!

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WW said...

Wow...very exciting & productive painting day.
Beautiful artwork was produced. Couldn't help giggle at the one with the chicken in the
And an egret on a car...who'd have thought!!!