Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Palletteers Paint St. Croix Show opening

The idea of the Palletteers doing our first show at the Caribbean Museum Center of the Arts (CMCA)in Frederiksted began in June when I met with Linda Garvin of CMCA and began a discussion about it. To say we were excited by the prospect would be an understatement! I immediately sent out an email to alert our members and their response kindled my enthusiasm even more. Last night was the culmination of 4 months of planning and coordination with Linda and it proved to be the success we'd envisioned!

The exhibit did a good job of getting the word out as to who we, the Palletteers, are as a group and who some of our artists are as artists. I'm so glad we had the diversity to offer: that one person's art was not just a reflection of the next one's; that there was a mixture of mediums and subject matter; that some paintings were purely plein air and others were defintely studio...and that all were original; and, finally, that our prices were reasonable and affordable. Our show was the result of hard work and we are thrilled that not only CMCA seems happy with us, but also that everyone, including the artists, left our show smiling!
Thanks for all the support and positive vibes!

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