Friday, November 18, 2011

Rejuvenating George and Gleston

It's not every day that we're given the opportunity to give some worthy recipient a new lease on life! This morning we did just that at the St. George village Botanical Garden with their 16' tall plywood mocko jumbies, George and Gleston! George and Gleston go back about 10 years and were originally conceived for the garden by artist Phyllis Charles, Director of the Garden at that time. Credit also goes to Henry Hunt who cut the whole Ten Days of Christmas, which included the Mocko Jumbies, out of plywood. The Jumbies will be found gracing the lawn of the Botanical Garden when the Garden conducts its holiday festivities during the first weekend in December.

Afterwards, we also helped decorate the posters that will be used to advertise "Glamour in the Garden", the annual fund raiser to be held on December 2.
All in all, it was agreed that helping out the Garden was a great community service project for our group!
When we went to lunch in the guest center by the gift shop we noticed the recent award the Botanical Garden received from the Chamber of Commerce: It was one of the paintings that the Chamber purchased from our show at the museum that they gave as awards to various businesses on the island. What a nice way of giving!


spottedslinky said...

Sorry I missed this event. Looks like it was fun and definitely supportive of the Botanical Gardens. What a great way to volunteer! Congrats to all the artists who participated.

WW said...

What a nice thing to do. Always great to give something back. And what an honor it must have been to discover that paintings were purchased to use as "awards"!! That in itself is an award to the artists!! Congrats