Sunday, January 8, 2012

Divi Carina Beach Hotel

Divi Carina Beach Hotel,the island's easternmost hotel and the only one on the south shore, exceeded our expectations.

Although the beach doesn't have much morning shade, the rest of the site offered many places to set up and paint. Some of our group grabbed some chairs and laid out their paints on one of the tables on the covered patio while a large group of us gathered on the bottom level of the double-decker pier where we could capture the beach and sea views east and west of us.

It soon became obvious to us that the pier's upper level was the pelicans' favorite platform for spotting and diving for lunch! This little guy is resting after his dive for a treat!
Posing for the camera...
We were periodically treated to close-up views of their fish catching prowess! If it hadn't been for an unexpected downpour around 11:15 that managed to drench us, we all would have had great paintings to show for our morning's efforts. Unfortunately, a few of the very promising-looking watercolor paintings got messed up by the rain. As usual, after we'd packed up and run for cover, the rain stopped and the sun returned in all it's glory!

Barb showed us a large watercolor floral painting she'd just completed in studio..After our short show and tell, lunch on the patio by the pool was the perfect finale to a great morning!


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