Monday, January 23, 2012

Estate Belvedere

After a short downpour during which we all found shelter, our morning at Estate Belvedere was an exceptionally beautiful one! We were glad to welcome newbies Glen and Bobbi and see the return of winter members, Jane, Pat, and Joy!

Oreo decided to join us last minute, borrowing some paint from Hilda's oil painting, some paper from Marilyn's watercolor painting, and leaving one of her quick paw print paintings for us to admire before Jane caught her in a hug. Her masterpiece is below.

At Rowdy Joes, where 24 of us reconvened for lunch, Hilda Demsky, artist in residence at the Caribbean Museum Center of the Arts, told us about art residencies. Speaking from her own experience with 12 of them made her presentation extremely interesting. After her speech, we enjoyed a yummy lunch with great service!

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