Saturday, August 22, 2009

Palletteers Paint at the Thomas House

Artists at work!

Break time! That hammock was just too tempting!

Discussing the artwork after "show and tell" time.
Me, trying to get photos of all the artwork


Sixteen of us showed up to paint at the home of George and Lin Thomas. It was great to see some new people in our group as well as to welcome back some 'returnees". All of us loved the property's spectacular views of Salt River and the Caribbean and were enamored of the Thomas' lovely home, designed by Lin's father, architect John Randall McDonald. The weather was in full cooperation inspiring us with clear bright blue skies and cooling breezes! "Show and Tell" featured a variety of artworks from the morning's efforts, including some experiments in color and technique. A great painting morning was had by all and many of us were reluctant to stop! Thank you, Lin and George, for opening your home to us!

Unfortunately, my camera wasn't as cooperative as the weather, and some of my photos came out blurry. My apologies! Ginger

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