Friday, August 14, 2009

Palletteers at Elizabeth's

Today was so special for me for I saw my home in the eye’s of fellow artist that found so many neat things to paint. However, because of my very small yard, I choose to work in the house studio. Then along came Freda to take my place and paint some more loose sun set scenes. Such fun to just let the paint flow and not worry about details. Elizabeth
Brenda did a watercolor of the view from the patio
Pat's watercolor shows the patio plantings with driftwood.
Two seascapes by Elizabeth

Laura's watercolor of the stonework and plantings along the walkway

Kate's watercolor of the view from the patio

Freda worked on two watercolor seascapes

Emy's oil was a seascape

Emeline was inspired to write on the shady patio

Elwin and his nephew sat together but painted two entirely different watercolors.

Elwin's watercolor

CJ's potted plant

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