Sunday, November 1, 2009

Palletteers paint at Jen's house

We had a lovely morning painting at Jen's home in Green Cay. With a variety of views, we found that even when our artists were standing next to each other, the resulting paintings were totally different. That's one of the fun aspects of painting plein air with a group, isn't it? ... and why our show and tells are always an interesting revelation to all of us!

I love to see the different set-ups we find with our painters.

Most of us painted from the patio in front of Jen's pool... can I tell you how tempting it was to just "accidentally" fall in? During lunch afterwards at Chenay Bay, there was talk of having spur of the moment pool parties at our hosts' homes in the future :^)....just kidding.. but it sure is a tantalizing idea. We could produce some interesting watercolor paintings but I'm not so sure the oil paintings would turn out so well.

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