Friday, November 6, 2009

1 Day 'til Show Time!

One more day. I can't hardly wait! Are you getting excited yet? I sure am! I went by Polly's yesterday afternoon around 2 and Steven already had taken down Helen's artwork and 3/4 of our paintings hung with the rest lined up ready for hanging. The labels weren't on yet, and that's probably another hour or two of work, but Steven was in good spirits and very positive about it all! Even only partially hung, the show is looking good! I think it's an authentic representation of the Palletteers: our talent, diversity, creativity, spirit, and best of all, our LOVE of St. Croix! It's all shining through! Tomorrow evening is going to be a big "WOW" event and I hope you will all be there to enjoy it with the artists: Jane Akin, myself, Margaret Berggren, Sondra Catts, Phyllis Charles, Pat Holloway, Elizabeth Keith, Kate Kroska, Alexis Lavine, Connie Lemco, Marilyn May, Leslie Rickenbach, Brenda Taylor, and Emy Thomas. I am so proud of our group and you will be too! It's been a pleasure to work with each one of them!

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