Friday, November 6, 2009

Palletteers Paint at Salt River Marina

The Mocko Jumbie captured the eye of some of the artists...

Dinghies, sailboats, cruisers..

Homes on the hill and under the palms..

anchors, signs, lines,
a beach and a flowered covered cottage... Ahoy! When I sent the last scuttlebutt and let the cat outa the bag it was to tell everyone to set their compasses to Salt River Marina, our next port of call. All hands were on deck at embarkation at 0900 hours. There was no dancing at the gratings or walking of the plank, but everything was above board and we just had some good painting fun. As usual we were all sewn up by high noon when we had our "show and tell" on the main deck. Not to be left high and dry after we cleared the deck, the crew and a few castaways sailed to Rowdy Joe's for some vittles and grog.
Everyone had a jolly good time!

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