Saturday, November 21, 2009

Palletteers paint at Chenay Bay

Wow! Every time we go to paint at Chenay Bay something has changed! First it was palm trees being added to the beach. Then came the "beach beds", restaurant additions, beach "cabanas", mural screen behind the kitchen and changes around the pool. This time the bridge over the little pond by the restaurant was moved, another pond was added, and a little pavillion was built nearby. Soon to come, a deck in front of the restaurant entry. Whatever changes take place, it remains a lovely place to paint: the beach is still enticing, the cottages are still charming, and the vista is still one of St. Croix's best. The morning passed all too quickly and show and tell drew raves. Afterwards about 10 of us gathered in the Mahi restaurant to celebrate Emy's birthday. She received beautiful artworks in many forms but the one that stood out the most seemed to be the pencil portrait done by Elwin.

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