Sunday, January 31, 2010

Palleteers Paint at Emy's

Our good weather fortune continued once again as we painted at Emy's on Friday morning! The wind was blowing at 18-22 MPH and kept a few of us hopping. After my canvas decided it was a sail, I moved from the sea-facing porch to the garden patio to paint. Some of the more courageous braved the wind and practiced their dexterity, anchoring their painting with one hand, their brushes with their other hand, and their palette with an elbow! I think I saw some hats being sat on or held down by a foot or two! One painting escaped into the pool but luckily it was a watercolor, so its artists said, "no damage done"! The morning passed all too quickly while more than 27 artists painted busily. Our "show and tell" was really a show in itself! Afterwards, we all enjoyed a wonderful salad bar luncheon, prepared by our hostess, Emy. It was suggested that we include recipes for some of the treats we share at these lunches, so in the prior blog entry you'll find the recipe for Shirley's Lemon Bars.. yum! What a fun, memorable, time we all had! Thanks so much, Emy! You're great!
By the way, the spots on some of the photos of the paintings are dapples of shade and sunspots.

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Terri said...

wonderful paintings! I could hear the wind blowing just by looking at them!

Thanks for posting the pics, I love looking at them.
Terri (Sharon Cummings daughter)