Saturday, January 16, 2010

Palletteers at the Grange

It poured while I was eating my breakfast yesterday morning. It rained while I packed my car. It drizzled as I drove to the Grange. It sprinkled as I explored the property. Then it cleared. Of course: it was time for the Palletteers to paint! None of the other Palletteers who showed up to paint had been daunted by the weather, either.. and there was a good number of us, too! What hardy souls we are, eh? Despite the cleared skies, the weather prediction had been for 50% chance of showers throughout the morning, so a few dispatched themselves under the one umbrella on the patio, a few others perched near the open garage where they could quickly run for shelter, and I set myself up at the back of my SUV under my opened hatch door. I've never painted out of the back of my car before...if you can do it, I highly recommend this arrangement! Everything I needed was right there and if it had started to rain, it would have been so easy to just move my painting and palette into the back of my car... while staying dry in the process. Unbelievably, the weather held the enire time we painted, only showing signs of a drizzle when it was "show and tell" time. So we used the open garage for our showing and then reconvened for lunch at The Deli at Beeston Hill Gym, right around the corner. It had cleared when we went in for lunch but was already raining again when we left.. and that rain continued for the remainder of the day and into the night. We love our rain, here on St. Croix but wasn't it great that it had held while the Palletteers painted? We were glad to welcome back Janet Bell, Jenn Veitch, Sue Filene, and Becky Bane! Great to have you back with us again!

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