Saturday, July 17, 2010

Palletteers at the Schreibers

We've had such a nice change in our weather! Though it's still pretty changeable, the suffocating heatwave we'd had for so long has finally been replaced by some cooler breezes. Sudden short rain showers, more like gales, have been interspersed with light drizzles, with an accompanying rainbow or two, if we're lucky! Preludes to some tropical waves heading our way early next week. As tropical island dwellers, we love the rain; as Palletteers, we always cross our fingers that it won't rain on Friday mornings and interrupt our plein air sessions. This past Friday morning we were blessed: the sun shone brightly and nary a sprinkle interrupted a great morning of painting at the Schreiber's South Shore home. Some ruins near the property caught the eye of two of our members.

The rest of us sojourned to the covered porch and enjoyed the sea breezes and guaranteed shade while executing our masterpieces.

Show and tell enticed some visitors to drop by and view our efforts.. notice how big "little" Henry is getting!
Lunch for (only) four followed at the new Flat Iron Grill where we all were impressed with our selections.

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