Saturday, July 10, 2010

Palletteers Paint at Johnson's

This past Friday we headed West, beyond Frederiksted again, to the home of Carol and Owen Johnson. As we admired their flowers, Carol pointed out the buds of the night-blooming cereus cactus dotting their property. Carol said the buds would be in full bloom at 10PM and invited any of us who were interested to return then to view them. She told us that this isn't an annual happening and that the last time they bloomed, she went out and took photos, stopping after snapping her 200th bloom! Imagine!
It was such a hot, airless day that being out of the sun was almost painful! Most of us lined ourselves up in the driveway's shade and painted florals. Of course, once we got into the painting of our artworks, we tuned out the heat and had a blissful morning!

After Show and Tell, our hostess joined us for lunch at Sunset Grill where we discussed politics (much to the amusement of a gentleman sitting at a nearby table:^) and Elizabeth's recent watercolor workshop in Tuscany! Ooh la la! Next June the workshop will probably be in Provence with a different artist and from what she told us about the one she'd attended, we all want to go!

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