Monday, July 26, 2010

Palletteers Paint at Chenay

After more than a week of heavy rains accompanied by lots of thunder and flooding, I arrived at Chenay Bay beach resort with my fingers AND my toes crossed in hopes that Friday's weather forecast of only occasional showers was accurate. It was difficult to tell: the skies were overcast and the sun was NOT shining as brightly as we like when we paint. Only a few of us showed up.. we all congregated on a little patio with a few umbrellas that'd been developed for special gatherings and had a great view of a bridge and pond near the cottages. We got permission to raise the giant umbrellas so we'd have protection from the now emerging sun and any showers that might decide to come down. Suddenly we noticed Chenay's newest addition to their site: a pair of what I originally thought were ducks but the staff told us were geese: Romeo and Juliet. Although they wouldn't pose for us, we found them to be quite photogenic, captivating, and not too afraid of us Palletteers. So we painted in the shade of those umbrellas, distracted occasionally by the antics of the swimming geese, cooled by sporadic strong gusts of wind. Best of all, there was absolutely no rain! There were only a few of us.. our numbers are really diminishing.. so we adjourned early for our show and tell followed by lunch at Mahi's.

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