Sunday, March 27, 2011

Art in the Garden, Opening Night!

The Botanical Garden's great hall was decorated beautifully! The Palletteer's artwork was complemented by displays by the Orchid and Bonsai Societies.

There was a good opening night crowd and quite a few sales, including some of our artists exhibiting for their first time! Way to go, Palletteers! The food and music were great! The artists stood out in their fancy hats and black/white attire.
Elizabeth's daughters surprised her by flying in for the show!
Show organizer Alma Winkfield poses in front of some of her artwork.

Marilyn's daughter entertains the crowd by presenting a monologue in Crucian dialect

Aww! How sweet!
What a great show! It continues today from 11AM-4PM. Food and drinks will be on sale so you can plan to spend the day enjoying one of the loveliest places on the island. ...and yes, yes! I wish I were there, too!


Celeste Willard said...
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Celeste Willard said...

It was wonderful to meet some of you and view your artistic talents.

Elizabeth's Daughter Celeste