Saturday, March 5, 2011

A windy day painting at Fort Christiansvaern

The Palletteers met to paint on the grounds of Fort Christiansvaern, located on the Christiansted waterfront, this past Friday morning. Despite the wind, the group managed to produce some pretty neat paintings!

I'm presently in Birmingham, Alabama, where I received the GREAT news last Tuesday that I don't need chemo! I'm eagerly looking forward to the beginning of my radiation treatments this coming week. Thanks to Emy and Elizabeth, who sent me their photos of the group's plein air endeavors, I was able to continue with our blog. Ginger

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Unknown said...

I enjoyed watching your artwork come together the other day at Fort Christianvern. I would love to become a member of the Palletteers of St. Croix. Where is you be next week?