Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What have we been up to?

Have you ever wondered what our members are doing when they're not painting with the group? Judy Koenig-Smith sent me a photo of a painting she did of her daughter, Janice, while on the trail in Arizona.
While up in the states getting radiated, I'm experimenting with a new medium: acrylics. Missing my little poodle, my first attempt was from a picture I'd taken of her, at rest, waiting for me to play with her. My second attempt was of a rooster. Working from photos I'd taken of two different Christiansted roosters, I did a wash for the background first and then I painted my rooster. As you can see, the color from the rooster's feathers bled into the background.. so now I know that I have to let my wash dry before painting next to it... oh well. I still liked my rooster.
Mary Pickett painted with the group at the fort this past Friday and then was so revved up when she got home that she painted another scene from that morning. This is one of my favorite views from the fort's windows.

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Phyllis said...

Love your acrylics---one of my instructors would say you have a "lost edge" on your rooster---which is good! Your dog is great!