Monday, March 14, 2011

St. George Village Botanical Garden

Since I've been stateside, the blog has become more a community effort. Thanks to Emy and Elizabeth I have some good photos to post from Friday's paintout at the Botanical Garden. This is always a site that has an endless variety of subject matter and our Palletteers took advantage of quite a few of them.

Here's a photo of Joy's painting that got missed last week.
Many of the members took the opportunity to enjoy the gourmet luncheon offered at the Garden several times a month.
Our up-coming Art in the Garden show has made the news!
Although I really miss all my friends and family on St. Croix, I think I made the right decision to head north to a "state of the art" facility. I am doing well and finished my 6th radiation treatment earlier this morning. My care has been first class and I've been embraced by true Southern hospitality. My only wish is that it will warm up faster. Can't believe I'm getting excited about weather predictions in the high 60's! Thanks for all your positive thoughts! Ginger

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Unknown said...

I love looking at your art online. I would really enjoy being a part of your group. Will you please add me to your e-mail list so that I am can be informed of what location you are going to every week. My e-mail address is Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon.