Sunday, May 24, 2009

Palletteers enjoy painting at the St. Croix Yacht Club

A work in progress.. how could I think I could paint 10 boats in one plein air session?

More works in progress...

and a sketch for a future painting..

One Palletteer painted more than one artwork...

We had lovely weather for our morning of painting at the St. Croix Yacht Club. The sea was extremely calm and tranquil, the sky full of gorgeous clouds, the sea littered with many moored boats, and the dock busy with activity. We did what we always do: spread out to paint as our whimsie's guided us. Of course, the morning presented its own challenges: the boats wouldn't "sit still" long enough for us to draw them, it was really hot, even in the shade of a palm tree, and the clouds kept changing. I'll try to add a pix of the unfinished or proposed artworks when they're done. After painting, it was so nice to just sit down right there and enjoy lunch at the yacht club too.

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