Saturday, May 2, 2009

Palletteers paint at Northside Valley

Northside Valley is a St. Croix eco-resort situated a few miles north of Frederiksted. It encompasses 9 self-contained cabins, some for two people and others for 6 or 8. As our group gathered, we were greeted by our host, resort manager Tom Cash, and we eagerly took him up on his offer to take us on a tour of the site. As we wended our way up the trail to the various cabins, we walked through a lush forest of trees of every kind. Each cabin had it's distinct signature, all reflecting a one-ness with nature and tree-house effect. Following our tour, we settled down to paint, enjoying the peaceful setting. Our numbers have really dwindled, so show and tell was brief. Lunch afterwards at Polly's on the waterfront was a delight!

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