Friday, May 15, 2009

Palletteers Paint the Town in Many Colors

Alma's finished painting begun last week... see her sketch in last week's blog.

This morning we painted in Christiansted, either on the boardwalk, in Kings Alley, or on Strand Street. It began as a gorgeous sunny morning but around 10AM, the winds blew hard and the rains found us and interrupted our work. Despite the change in weather, we all loved the ambience of painting in town. we adjourned to Cafe Christines for our show and tell, a good story by Emeline, a great lunch and... yes, we splurged on Christine's yummy pies for dessert! Our numbers have dwindled but the spirit is still very much alive!

As you may have noticed, sometimes our paintings are incomplete when I post them from our show and tell sessions. Today Alma brought her finished painting that she'd begun last week.

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